Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heir to the duchy of Nukemberland

This week's ZP was Dead Rising 2.

And XP was about Halo Reach.

"It's adequate, that's all. Mediocre. Halo remains what it has always been to me: strictly rent-only - at best. But in the interest of clarifying my position, here are some more reasons why it didn't set my pants alight."

This concludes the digest of the week. Today (Saturday) is the special Duke Nukem Forever event at the Mana Bar. I've worked out some questions for Randy Pitchford and Steve Gibson for the presentation at around 6pm and personally, I'm quite looking forward to seeing what, exactly, 3D Realms were doing with all that time, besides sticking liquorice twizzlers up their arseholes, then pulling them out and licking them for some illicit sexual thrill.


  1. Are you going to post any videos of your Duke Nukem Event? I'm pretty curious to see what 3D Realms had been up to as well.

  2. I can't wait to hear the Yahtzee treatment on it. Hopefully you asked some questions like what you've brought up before about the subject matter, ie. that Duke as a character is out-dated.

    1. Major League Baseball has used three different playoff formats since the inception of the World Series in 1901. However, most argue over the formats which have been used.

  3. Guess what. Your book still isn't available! I'm going to check ONE MORE TIME and if it still hasn't arrived then I'm going to buy it online or something..

  4. Yeah, hoping there's a video of the Q&A.
    Northumberland would be much more interesting if it were ruled by the Duke (of Nukem)

  5. Sliiiiightly off topic, but I just wanted to say Mogworld was a lot of fun. I bought it in an actual store and everything. (It was actually the last copy.) Liked the ending a lot. Perfect lazy afternoon reading by the pool on my vacation... which is what I bought it for, only I wound up reading it before my vacation at the end of the month. Thanks for that!

  6. It would make my week to see a video of your questions Yahtzee...

  7. On the same off topic topic as Idorabreckinridge, there were plenty of copies of Mogworld at one of my local book stores. Fantasy section, bottom row. I'm in Iowa, USA, in case you wanted to know how far its reaching.

  8. Many thanks to you and the Mana Bar guys for bringing the Duke to Brisbane :D I wish I could have seen the Q&A but there was no indication of what time it would be held. Regardless, I had a great time and will certainly return for the games and plenty of Mana Bar "potions" :P

  9. Orange Juice and Coffee Creamer? Pah, those are amateur healing potions. Go to a bar (such as the one in the Americano Casino next to the safe house) and blend vodka with vodka. There's an unlimited supply in the bar. Blending it creates the Pain Killer which not only heals as much as orange juice, but also halves the amount of damage you take for a considerable period. Beer and beer creates the same thing, as does whiskey and whiskey. Wine and Wine gives you super speed (obviously) and further mixing your drinks creates a distressing grey fluid which can do just about anything.

    Also, you're British born. Why is your book full of American spellings? That said, I enjoyed it muchly.

    - Archie

  10. I just started reading your book and so far I am enjoying it very much! I had to even rush into my son's room to read aloud to him four or five pages from the bit near the beginning where the necro is convincing the undead to follow him. Amazing, wonderful, funny stuff! My son is an ardent fan of yours just like I am, and when I've finished reading your book, I'm sure he will devour it as well. Thank you so much for the much needed laughs. Cheers! <3

  11. curious if yatzee is aware that someone is ripping off your act. he's on youtube called nahtzee and has a site called zero coordination. you should check it out. some people say imitation is the highest form of flautery, but i disagree. i call it unoriginal morons stealing your soul

  12. I haven't been able to connect to Escapist for almost 6 months now
    The videos never load and the CSS on the pages is gone, so i get nothing but 'times new roman' spewed all over with broken image tags...

    Tried it on my iPad, MacBook, Dell Desktop, Dell Laptop... all the same.
    Not sure what Escapist did, but their pages won't show up on my network anymore.
    They show up on my iPhone when I'm on 3G, but I can't watch videos from it.

  13. > curious if yatzee is aware that someone is ripping off
    > your act. he's on youtube called nahtzee and has a
    > site called zero coordination. [ ... ]

    There's several such "homages" out there. Here are a few others without looking very hard:

    The Dictionary: A 12th grade teacher has a moan about keeping discussions in his class away from devolving into linguistics arguments. A must-see.

    Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft: A review of Yahtzee's own game. A good effort.

    HWH Reviews Zero Punctuation: A fella reviews Yahtzee's ZP reviews (ultimately favorably).

    Zero Education: Fundie Tactics: A fella has a moan about Christian "enthusiasts."

    And then there's the tale of where this came from...

  14. Yahtzee, Chrome just told me your site has malicious software somewhere in it.

    More info here:

  15. Yeah, same thing just happened to me - "Reported as an attack page", apparently.

  16. Your rage has seeped into website coding, Yahtzee. Just make a splash page, consisting of the words: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here".

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